Code of Conduct

Easysharp is committed to high standards as reflected in following Code of Conduct. Easysharp respects the codes of conducts of its interested parties, e.g. customers. At Easysharp we expect that our suppliers, our customers and ourselves comply with applicable national statue and with the Easysharp Code of Conduct:

- Conduct towards employees
- Conduct in business environment

Conduct towards employees

Human rights
In accordance with the aforementioned ethics and standards, Easysharp expect that our suppliers promote equal opportunities and equal treatment. Furthermore, prohibit any form of discrimination against based on his or her gender, age, color, race, nationality, sexual orientation, disabilities or religious conviction.

Child labor
Easysharp does not tolerate or use child labor within their organization and other than in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Occupation Health and Safety
Easysharp provides a safe and healthy workplace for all its employees. Furthermore, we expect that the employees of our suppliers receive a remuneration which is in line with applicable national statute.

Conduct in business environment

Prohibition of corruption and bribery
Easysharp expect our suppliers, our customers and ourselves to have zero-tolerance for corruption and with all governing anti-corruptions laws. We refrain from any and all forms of bribery.

Invitations and gifts
Easysharp does not exceed the boundaries of normal hospitality in giving gifts. If any, must be reasonable and suitable with a view to scope and design, i.e. they must be of low financial value and reflect ordinary local business custom.

Money laundering
At Easysharp we expect our suppliers, our customers and ourselves to comply with all applicable statute governing the prevention of money laundering and not to participate in any money laundering activities.

Furthermore, Easysharp reserves the right to stop any business with all suppliers who are in clear, verifiable violation of the Easysharp Code of Conduct.

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